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Aundh ‘Smart city’ road unable to cope with peak hour traffic

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The newly designed Aundh ‘Smart City’ road from Brehmen Circle to Parihar chowk will cost ₹22 crore for a 1.5-km stretch. The footpath alongside the road is one-of-its kind. As per the officials, this is the ideal footpath for which Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has spent a significant amount of money keeping in mind the plight of pedestrian. Hindustan Times recently highlighted the facility and the reactions from citizens regarding the football.

However, it turned out that the new project is unable to cope with the peak evening hour traffic rush. Two wheeler riders using the broadened footpath as an additional lane has also become a common sight every evening.

The activists and citizens are raising concern that if this project is not implemented well, it will be yet another waste of money.

“This dismal state on the newly developed Aundh DP road, where two wheelers are driving on the footpath, is another example of what happens to innovative projects where prior thought is not given to practical aspects such as genuine needs, appropriate provisions, suitable set up with adequate funds for management, enforcement and regular maintenance. From the current condition of such projects in the city, it is evident that sustainability of the project with the delivery of expected benefits to citizens is never a priority. It looks like the administration believes in ‘execute and forget’,” said city activist Prashant Inamdar of pedestrian first.

Source: hindustantimes
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