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Taking one step towards implementation of a major project, the Dehradun Smart City Board held its first meeting in Dehradun, which was presided over by the smart city Chief Executive Officer and Garhwal commissioner Dilip Jawalkar. It was informed that the Dehradun Smart City Company Limited has started working from Friday. Various policy decisions were taken in the meeting regarding the preparations for the smart city project in the Mussoorie Dehradun Development Authority meeting hall.

Addressing officials in the meeting, the CEO informed that the incorporation of the Dehradun Smart City Company Limited for the execution of the smart city project was done on September 15, 2017. The company has started its work from Friday, he added. Decisions were taken regarding the structure of employees in the company. On behalf of the State Government, the Dehradun district magistrate SA Murugesan and on behalf of the Government of India, the housing and urban development officer Nitya Arya have been named as directors in the said company. In the initial phase of the Dehradun smart city project, 10 municipal wards of the city have been chosen where sewer, parking, smart meter, water supply and other works are to be undertaken. After this, necessary works will be undertaken to make the other parts of the Dehradun city smart.

Jawalkar further said that the projects which are approved for smart city will be executed on the ground by the company formed for the purpose. Letters will be sent to the secretaries of departments concerned for naming other members for the company from various departments, including the power department, Jal Sansthan and information technology department. He clarified that the company will not prepare a project separately but will work only on those projects which have been approved by the State administration. The company will work only according to the instructions of the state authorities, he added. He directed the officials concerned to work on preparing a logo for smart city.

He said that officials should hold a meeting with bank officials to decide on opening a bank account of the company. Officials of the executing agencies- irrigation department and Public Works Department will also be nominated as members of the company so that proper steps can be taken in a coordinated manner for executing the smart city project on the ground. The company will soon start the tender process for consultancy service. The company secretary Rashid J Malik informed that the logo of the Dehradun Smart City Company Limited will incorporate features which depict green, safe and healthy aspects. He also informed the officials present in the meeting, in detail about the share design of the company. He further informed that the municipal corporation of Dehraduna and the Mussoorie Dehradun Development Authority (MDDA) will also have crucial roles in the smart city company.

For this, out of Rs 10 lakh, the MCD and MDDA will each have to deposit Rs 5 lakh with the company within a period of 15 days. He also informed the gathering about various aspects of the company including the responsibilities of its officials and regulations of the company while also directing officials concerned to apply as early as possible for fulfilling various official formalities. The structure of the company’s employees, various divisions and the option of taking employees on deputation were also discussed in detail during the meeting. The MDDA vice chairman Vinay Shankar Pandey, district magistrate SA Murugesan, municipal commissioner Vijay Kumar Jogdande, additional secretary Vinod Suman, MDDA secretary Prakash Chandra Dumka and other officials were also among those present in the meeting.

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