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IoT-based “Ohm” Promises to Save Energy and Prove a Boon for Smart Cities

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Microsoft backed Buddy Platform Ltd., an Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) company, has unveiled its IoT hardware and cloud solution called “Ohm,” which claims to save businesses a substantial amount spent each year on water, electricity, gas, steam, and temperature. Ohm is a first-of-its-kind end-to-end system made to monitor energy usage as well as the resulting carbon footprint. Ohm, with its energy efficiency, aspires to aid current and future smart city projects across the globe to get approved readily by respective governments.

The concept of Ohm comprises a complete energy monitoring solution utilizing IoT class hardware, scalable data infrastructure, mobile or desktop user dashboards, and an operational portal. Installed in close proximity, an Ohm base unit operates under industry standard connectors to track gas, water, electricity, steam, solar, and other build and natural environment elements. Wirelessly connected to other sensors inside the network of the buildings and cities, Ohm aspires to revolutionize the growing energy concerns among the urban populations. Moreover, aged buildings without a feasible building management system, can also utilize the straightforward and simple monitoring solutions provided by Buddy Ohm in order to achieve the efficiency demands.

Buddy Platform CEO has High Praise for New Product

According to David McLauchlan, former Microsoft executive and currently the CEO of Buddy Platform, Ohm focuses not only on the consumption of energy but how we generate it and possibilities of conservation at every step. With rapid construction across the world, smart cities present an opportunity to preplan and change the way we consume energy and thereby improve the quality of life not only for the citizens but also for the future generation.

Strong Backing Behind Buddy Augurs Well for Future

Besides being funded by Microsoft and led proven leadership of David McLauhlan, the Seattle-based company has another venture capital investor in pop star Lady Gaga, whose company AF Square has been actively promoting novel technologies in the recent past.

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