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Pledge to turn all municipals into smart cities in 10 years

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Rastriya Prajatantra Party unveiled its manifesto for local polls committing to transform all municipalities into smart cities in the next 10 years. The party also pledged to carry out planned development at the local level and make village municipalities self reliant.

The manifesto was unveiled by party Chair Kamal Thapa today. The party pledged to provide employment to at least one member of each family. It also committed to build one 25-bed hospital in all local levels. The RPP said it would prevent forced religious conversion and fully ban cow slaughter.

The RPP committed to allocate at least 20 per cent budget of the local levels to education and to end politicisation of the education sector. The RPP said in its manifesto that it would send two meritorious students to study medicine and engineering every year and upon completion of their studies, the doctors would serve for five years at the local level.

The party also said it would adopt a policy of attracting outstanding students from the local levels to choose the profession of teachers. It said every citizen at the local level would have health insurance coverage in five years. The party also said if it would recognise the contributions of late Prithvi Narayan Shah.

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