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Puducherry showing speedy and positive progress for The Smart City tag

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The French city of India, Puducherry has been proposed to be enlisted under the Smart Cities Mission, a flagship initiative of the Government of India for participation in the round 3 of the selection process. The proposal preparation is showing speedy progress and has received tremendous response as more than 1,40,000 citizens have given their suggestions for it and the number is growing with each passing day. The objective of the Smart Cities Mission is Urban Transformation through smart solutions resulting in better quality of life for the citizens. The process is designed in a manner that lays emphasis on citizen participation.The “Smart City Proposal” is being prepared by a consultancy firm,JLLwho has been part of proposal drafting for 7 cities of which Bhubaneshwar (Ranked 1 in round 1), Chennai, Amritsar (Ranked 1 in round 2) and Vadodara are selected as part of 60 cities, based on the aspirations of the citizens and stakeholder consultations.

The vision for the city after various extensive consultative workshops reads “Transforming Puducherry into a global tourism destination by leveraging its heritage, cultural, spiritual and educational advantage. Enhance the quality of life of the citizens by providing efficient urban mobility, smart civic infrastructure, smart service delivery and participative decision making”

Puducherry Municipality is spread over 19.26sq km comprising 8 constituencies with a population of 2.44 lakh.In accordance with the citizen’s voice and the vision of key stakeholders, boulevard and the areas around it measuring about 1500 acres is selected to be developed under retrofitting model. The proposal majorly focuses on Tourism with highlight projects such as the extension and beautification of the beach promenade, no-vehicle zone with smart parking & battery operated e-rickshaw, real-time air quality monitoring & Intelligent Transport System, beautification of grand canal, etc.

The proposal majorly focuses on smart tourism for a better tourist experience, improve the basic civic infrastructure such as ensuring 24X7 water and electricity supply, harvesting solar energy, source augmentation of water, recycling of waste water, solid waste management etc.,

The Pan city focuses onUrban mobility with NMT with proposals such as intelligent traffic management, parking management, cycle sharing network, public transit corridorand City Control Command Centre which includes city app, GIS mapping of all utilities as the key focus.

The proposal has been formulated ensuring convergence with several schemes of Govt of India such as Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation (AMRUT), Swachh Bharat Mission, Digital India, Safe City Project, Integrated Power Development Scheme, Solar Mission, Housing for All, etc. It is also to be noted that about 23% of the project components have PPP opportunities. The Smart City Proposal has also factored in the interest evinced by AgenceFrancaise de Développement (AFD) Of French Government for partnering with the smart city initiatives.

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