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Residents say despite the Smart City tag, the MC has failed to manage even the waste generated from city, let alone

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The sight of garbage strewn all over the city and even near the dustbins remains disturbingly ubiquitous.
Not only do residents in several parts of the city continue to suffer the misery of having to see such sights, but the apathy of the authorities, including the Municipal Corporation, can be gauged from the fact that garbage almost spills onto the road near the Civil Hospital putting the health of patients and newborns at the Mother and Child sections in jeopardy.
Patients passing from the road complain of stink. “I am already suffering from respiratory problem and the stink emanating from the dump near the hospital makes me squirm to think about what the authorities in the city are doing. So much of unconcern and utter foolishness of authorities to let garbage collect near the hospital,” said Ravi Gupta, a resident.
Posh, up-market areas no different
Not only residential areas, but even posh and up-market areas suffer from the same problem. Despite the tag of Smart City, the Municipal Corporation has been unable to manage even the waste generated from the city, let alone anything else.
Even on the Mall Road, residents passing from the area have to cover their nose because of stink.
“I parked my car nearby and walked till the next store. But the stink near the dump was unbearable,” said one of the residents. Even storeowners said the open dump was a nuisance.
“It obviously is a problem as no area of the city is spared from the garbage menace. On the one hand we want to project Ludhiana as a metro city, but it is beyond imagination why the MC cannot manage garbage,” said Vipul Narang, from a showroom on the Mall Road.
Compactor in Dugri of no use during power cuts
Despite the fact that automatic compactor has been installed in Dugri, the stink in the area continues to be a problem, as despite claims, garbage is still seen outside and bad smell emanates from the area as it starts raining. “The compactor doesn’t work during power cuts, which adds to the misery,” a resident passing by said.
Garbage is seen under flyovers even. “Whether it is the flyover near the ISBT or Lakkar bridge, you will see garbage beneath. It is difficult to pass from these areas, as these stink badly,” said Kuljinder Singh, a resident of Model Town, adding: “It is such a shame that even now our city continues to be lagging behind in management of solid waste.”
Open drain and garbage dump is a permanent thing near Domoria Bridge, much to the anguish and frustration of residents and shop owners near the market. “The authorities it seems are blind to this abomination as it has not been cleared for several years. They have taken the health of residents for granted. It is a curse and there is little hope,” says Mangat Ram, a resident of the area nearby.
“Open garbage dumps obviously pose a big health hazard, especially during rains. It leads to several health problems such as jaundice, diarrhoea, and several water-borne diseases. The stink from garbage causes respiratory allergies and problems. Children are more prone to suffer,” says Dr Baldeep Singh from Deep Hospital.
“Solid waste is a big problem in the city, but despite assurances and announcements, there is no solid-waste management plant. We worked so hard for cleaning the canal under Let’s Clean Ludhiana, but now dumps have been made near the canal. What is even more shameful is the fact that other cities and states have started managing waste, but things have not started improving in our city,” said Mridula Jain, Chairperson, Let’s Clean Ludhiana Trust.
“What is all the more shocking and ironical is that the Punjab Pollution Control Board (PPCB) only conducts raids at factories for pollution. If the National Green Tribunal (NGT)can have checks and compliances for the industry, why can’t it be there for the municipalities and administration of the districts for the management of waste and pollution? These bodies need to address first things first and set priorities right,” she said.
Collection sites turn into dumping grounds
“There are several dumps in the city. Even collection sites have turned into dumping sites. Under the Smart City project, garbage collection was supposed to be done more efficiently, but nothing seems to be happening on the ground regarding solid-waste management,” Dr Amandeep Singh Bains from RBS Roots, an NGO, said. “Even though there are campaigns regarding waste segregation in a few areas and even if residents segregate waste at home what is the point if it is dumped again at the same place?” he asked. “It has been lingering on for too long and strict decisions need to be taken regarding Buddha Nullah and solid-waste management in Ludhiana,” he said.

Source: tribuneindia
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