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Smart city Dharamshala to get skybus

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Months after it made to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Smart City Mission’, the tourist town of Dharamshala is gearing up to embrace smart transport. It will get Skybus facility within a year as a Belarus company has got the technical clearance from the municipal corporation. A significant part of construction materials for the transport system will be local and only a part of works (design and survey work, rolling stock manufacture, as well as the manufacture of the automated system of safety, control, energy supply and communications) will be carried out in Belarus.

The first order of the track will connect the neighbouring suburbs with the city centre, the second (potential) order will connect the remote settlement of Dadh and the airport with it. The proposed track route takes into account the landscape and building structure, and the necessity to integrate the SkyWay transport system into the smart city infrastructure. Himachal Pradesh urban development minister and Dharamshala MLA Sudhir Sharma said that Rs 250 crores project is likely to be completed in a year and would provide employment to local youth. He said that SkyWay urban transport solutions would simultaneously become a modern fast and time saving transport artery both for locals and visitors, decongesting the city and reducing its pollution.

Technical proposal of SkyWay project has already been approved by the Dharamshala municipal corporation and soon tendering would be started to bring the project public private partnership mode. It proposes for the construction of urban suspended SkyWay track in Dharamshala having total length of 15.4kms track on the first stage of the project that includes 15 stations, 3 of which can be used as multifunctional city objects.

The second stage of the project envisages the extension of the track to the airport from Jatehr to Gaggal airport and from Sidhbari to Dadh – the total length of 11.8km. In this case, two more stations will be added to the transport system.The proposed track route is built taking into account the landscape and city building structure, and the necessity to integrate the SkyWay transport system into the smart city infrastructure. Taking into consideration the peculiarities of SkyWay technologies, the route shall be laid by direct sections.

It will have anchor stations designed for tension of track strings. The supports will be installed at the extreme points of straight-line sections. The track structure is located between the terminal stations. It consists of a double-track string-rail way, anchor and intermediate supports, and can have intermediate stations.One of the most important units in the SkyWay technologies is the anchor stations. They take part in the process of creation of pre-stressing in the string track for the overpass transport system. According to the preliminary data, 15 anchors support needs to be built for the track construction. Proposal further says that in addition, the track structure could serve as infrastructure for implementation of high-speed public internet, as well as its spread to private households throughout the expanded territory of the city. However, it will significantly increase the project cost.

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