Smart Infrastructure

Advenced Upcomming Technologies

  1. Intelligent Voice Assistants

According to a study from 2018, 40% from the American households own an assistant device from Amazon, Google, or Apple. These smart devices, thanks to Artificial Intelligence, their usability and presence in our homes will grow.

  1. Regenerative Medicine

Maybe for more people, it may sound like something from Sci-Fi movies, but the doctors are already producing body parts and cell tissues in the laboratory. They scrape cells from the person that needs help and grow those cells in the laboratory until they get what they need. Regenerative medicine, in combination with 3D printing, will be life-saving for millions of people.

  1. Perfect Online Privacy

Real online privacy, could finally become a possible thing, thanks to new security tools that can protect and save some time. For instance, imagine that you can prove that you are over 18 without revealing your date of birth, or play for real money on online casino or mobile casino without revealing your credit card information. This will limit the risks that we face every day when we try to play some of our favorite online casino games. We hope in near future all of that will be gone.

  1. Reusable Energy

When we claim our independence from fossil fuel, we will find the independence that we seek. Imagine whole desert north of Las Vegas, covered with solar panels, whole West Coast will be powered by them.