Smart Cities


VISION STATEMENT – Maximum 50 Words

Selected vision statement will be awarded cash prize of Rs. 1.00 lakh and certificate. If no vision statement gets selected the top 3 statements will win a cash prize of Rs. 25,000/- each.

Drop Boxes at :

  • –  Mangaluru City Corporation, Lalbagh
  • –  City Centre Mall, K.S.Rao Road
  • –  Forum Fiza Mall, Pandeshwara
  • –  Bharath Mall, Bejai
  • –  Mangaluru City Corporation sub office, Surathkal
  • –  Mangaluru City Corporation sub office, Kadri

Submit on or before 5th October 2015

Even as Mangaluru braces itself for upgrading to an elite ‘Smart City’ under the Smart City Mission proposed by the Union Government, Mangaluru City Corporation have begun working overtime to meet the deadline for submission of ‘Smart City Proposal’.

Last month the Central Government had released a list of 98 cities, including Mangaluru, which had been shortlisted for selection as a Smart City. However, contrary to a widespread popular misconception, appearing on this short list amounts to only a nomination and not a final selection. Mangaluru still has a long way to go to make it past the finishing line in the race for Smart City tag.

The centre plans to implement Smart City Mission in a phased manner on annualized basis. As only 20 cities shall be selected to be Smart Cities in Phase One, the immediate next stage in the process, for Mangaluru, is to make it to the list of top 20 cities to be identified as “SMART CITY”. If this goal has to be reached, then Mangaluru has to meet the elaborate guidelines laid down by the Union Government. For this a ‘Smart City Proposal (SCP)’ has to be prepared and submitted for ‘Smart City Challenge’, which is a competitive process for making the formal pitch. SCP will deal with various aspects like Existing City Profiles, Citizen Engagement, vision statement and goals, Strategic Plan, Pan City Proposals, Area based Proposals, Implementation frame work, financing plan, benefits & impacts and process & team work.

If Mangaluru is successful in this pitch and manages to reach the Top 20, then a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) in the form of a public limited company shall be formed headed by a full time CEO for the implementation of the Smart City Proposals, with Mangaluru City Corporation and the State Government as Share Holders of the SPV.

In order to fast track this process, co-ordinate, direct and pursue it to its logical end, there are also several separate informal think tanks and citizens groups comprising of Government officials, technocrats, Urban Planners, Stakeholders who have joined hands to help the Mangaluru City Corporation and the Consultants appointed by MoUD to prepare the documentation required in an impressive and professional manner.

Vision Statement Competition

The initial stage of conceptualizing ‘Smart City Proposal’ by Mangaluru City Corporation is citizen engagement , as public participation in city development is one of the key ingredients of Smart City concept.

Mangaluru City Corporation has decided to invite Vision statement for Smart City and Goals to achieve the visions, from the citizens and attractive prize money is being offered for the winners along with a ticket to fame and the pride of doing something great for one’s city.

The Vision statement should be described in maximum of 50 words. The vision statement should have economic, spatial, social, environmental dimensions that reflect the city’s unique physical and cultural traits. It should provide directions for the activities of the Municipality Citizens and Stakeholders.

The City vision should capture what your city can be in future in 20 to 30 years. The Vision statement should inspire your city’s residence and can even become the branding for your Smart City. The vision statement should summaries the impact of key aspects – main economic activity, sustainability and inclusiveness.

The selected vision statement will be awarded a cash prize of Rs. 1.00 lakh and a certificate. If no vision statement gets selected, the best 3 statements will win a cash price of Rs. 25,000/- each. Later on, based on the vision statement, a logo with a tagline will be created to symbolize the true spirit of Mangaluru. A massive publicity campaign too will be undertaken shortly to gain public involvement in preparing the proposal.