Smart Transportation


“We are focused on creating intelligent, open and flexible solutions that foster the urban ecosystems in which we live and work,” said Dr. Jürgen Müller, head of Innovation Center Network, SAP SE. “As cities grow fast and face challenges in terms of resources and infrastructure, they need transparent, collaborative and innovative technology to help them prosper.”SAP will present the following innovations at IAA’s New Mobility World exhibition. Through demonstration pods and a stage program, participants will be able to see how cities use SAP technology to become smarter.


This solution features crowdsourcing functionality that lets citizens report defects and damage in their immediate vicinity. Algorithms assimilate these reports with data, such as traffic density within that city sector, which can result in optimized city administration. SAP presents project “CityApp” in cooperation with the city of Nuremberg.

Smart Traffic Control

Used by the city of Darmstadt in Germany, this technology shows how Big Data-driven insights based on real-time traffic conditions and predictive analytics can help cities run smarter. Smart traffic control shows how optimized traffic light controls and additional car lanes help avoid rush-hour traffic congestion. Congestion indexes and speed controls based on data from RFID, GPS, camera and induction loop technologies provide pictures of real-time traffic issues and compare conditions with other cities and city sectors. Origin-destination analysis compares travel behaviors between city sectors, areas, streets and multimodal travel.

TwoGo Mobile App

The TwoGo mobile app by SAP shows how software can help users share rides, thereby helping enterprises, employees, institutions and local authorities save time and money.

SAP Vehicle Insights Application

This analytics cloud application, also used by the city of Darmstadt, combines vehicular data with sensor data to provide actionable insight into driver behavior patterns and driver efficiency. The software helps logistics and mobility services monitor live vehicle conditions and manage within constraints imposed by pollution and traffic congestion. The application helps fleet operators manage their fleets optimally.“With the growing number of connected vehicles, broader use of sensors and even autonomous driving on the near horizon, there is a serious opportunity to transform cities, industries and businesses,” said Stephan Brand, vice president, Products & Innovation at SAP.