Smart Cities


Around 1,960 submissions have been made by city residents at the online portal ‘’ under the Smart City Project. Most of the submission have focused on environment, traffic management and parking, public safety, and wifi and internet connectivity in public places.November 1 was the last date for residents to submit their suggestions at the online portal.

MC additional commissioner Ghanshyam Thori said that after November 1, residents can post their suggestions on the Facebook page created by the MC. Also, they can give their suggestions by filling the questionnaires which will also help the department to prepare the report for the race to enter the list of top-20 smart cities. So far, the MC and its teams of consultants have been able to get around 61,000 questionnaires filled by residents.

He said that many NGOs have already played a huge role in increasing the number of submissions at the online portal. The last date of posting suggestions on the online portal may also be extended, he added.The Centre plans to develop 100 smart cities as satellite towns of larger cities and by modernizing existing mid-sized cities.Under the plan, 20 smart cities will be identified in 2015, 40 in 2016 and another 40 in 2017.

The 100 potential smart cities nominated by all the states and UTs, based on Stage1 criteria, will prepare Smart City Plans which will be rigorously evaluated in the Stage2 of the competition for prioritizing cities for financing. In the first round of this stage, 20 top scorers will be chosen for financing during this financial year.