Smart IT & Communications


Singapore Technologies Electronics Limited (ST Electronics) announced the launch of its World of IoT – Sense & eXchange (WISX IoT) platform on Day One of CommunicAsia2017.

The WISX IoT platform is designed to integrate multiple IoT solutions into a common platform that facilitates data exchange and analysis. Developed to support IoT solutions for smart city initiatives worldwide, the platform aims to enhance city services and improve the quality of life for residents. The platform can be used for applications such as integrated estate management.

The WISX IoT platform leverages ST Electronics’ knowledge in deploying and operating wireless communications networks for automated utility meters and infrastructure, lighting, public safety and environmental solutions and sensors in Singapore as well as global cities. The goal is to provide a multi-domain platform with advanced communications and cross-domain data analytics to benefit residents. The platform optimizes the management of cities by generating actionable insights from the data collected from individual IoT solutions and enables city planners to better understand what matters most to people.

“Our successful track record in deploying more than 15 million wireless communications nodes worldwide has given us the expertise to develop a platform that seamlessly integrates IoT solutions across different domains,” Ravinder Singh, president, ST Electronics. “The WISX IoT platform will better equip city planners with valuable insights so that they can make informed decisions and improve the operational efficiency of city services.”

The WISX IoT platform is showcased at the CommunicAsia2017, from 23 to 25 May at Marina Bay Sands, where its capabilities will be demonstrated through an Integrated Smart Estate Management case study. A suite of ST Electronics’ smart solutions comprising indoor and outdoor lighting, automated water and electrical meters, lift monitoring solution, environmental sensors, car parks and security systems is integrated in the platform as part of an overall Smart Estate showcase.